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Commitment 12 : Support for research aimed at combating climate change

On its 30th birthday, the BNP Paribas Foundation renewed its corporate-philanthropy programme, the Climate Initiative. With a budget of €3 million over three years, this programme will finance five new research projects by internationally-recognised laboratories to study fundamental climate-change mechanisms and the impact of the climate imbalances influenced by human activity.



The Southern Ocean plays a crucial role in the planet’s climate: it cools by around 2 degree celsius more than half of the total volume of the oceans; its cold waters absorb a portion of human CO2 emissions. But its remoteness and its extreme meteorological conditions mean there is limited knowledge as to how it works. Thanks to the SOCLIM (see asterisk)

(asterisk) Southern Ocean and Climate.
project, a team from three laboratories (see 2 asterisks)
(2 asterisks) Microbial oceanography laboratory (UPMC-CNRS), oceanography laboratory of Villefranche (UPMC-CNRS) and dynamic meteorology laboratory (ENS-CNRS-UPMC-École Polytechnique).
will use new instruments to better understand the processes which take place, such as heat and CO2 exchange betweenthe atmosphere and the ocean, or CO2 storage mechanisms. At the website, the public can keep abreast of this work. Schools can adopt a scientific buoy and follow its journey on the ocean.

Photo : Southern Ocean - The BNP Paribas Foundation supports the SOCLIM project in its research into the impact of climate change on the Southern Ocean.