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Photo : World - The Group helped finance renewable-energy projects which together can generate over 12,500 megawatts.



As a major global player supporting the renewable-energies sector, the Group has financed or advised on more than 100 projects – mostly wind, hydraulic and photovoltaic power – representing a total installed capacity of more than 12,500 megawatts at the end of 2014, the equivalent of the yearly consumption of 13 million French households. Some €6.9 billion in credit authorisations, including over €2.4 billion in project finance, were awarded to facilities essentially located in France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as in southern Europe. Among our flagship projects in 2014, the Gemini project is worth highlighting - it is the biggest wind farm ever financed. As the project leader, responsible for documentation and hedging operations, BNP Paribas arranged €2.1 billion in financing. Located in the North Sea, 85 kilometres off the coast of the Netherlands, the Gemini wind farm will produce 600 megawatts of electricity once it is completed in 2017. This will power over 785,000 homes and save 1.25 million tonnes of CO2 every year.



Investors are becoming increasingly interested in bond issues to finance sustainable, green and/or socially responsible projects. In early 2014, the newly-created Sustainable Capital Markets team enabled BNP Paribas to take a decisive step in advising customers and designing a diverse and innovative range of green bonds. The World Bank’s first structured green bond was launched and will support programmes to combat climate change (see interview page 52).

In 2014 green bond issues were also completed by the French Development Agency (€1 billion over 10 years), GDF Suez (€2.5 billion over 6.5 years) and Hera (€500 million over 10 years and the first Italian green bond issue). These bond issues all aim to combat climate change by financing renewable energy, energy efficiency or urban transport programmes.

Photo : World - In 2014 BNP Paribas participated in the issue of several green bonds, the purpose of which is to finance projects such as urban transportation.