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Commitment 8 : Efforts to combat exclusion and support human rights

BNP Paribas works to help vulnerable customers and is involved in educational measures to combat exclusion and defend basic human rights. In 2014 the Group continued efforts made and strengthened its programmes.



Although it has a strong presence in the centre of large cities, BNP Paribas has also created a large number of jobs in the suburbs over the last 15 years: in particular, the Group has become the leading private employer in the Seine-Saint-Denis department near Paris.

The BNP Paribas Foundation, together with the Group’s French Retail Banking division, is committed to helping disadvantaged neighbourhoods by supporting local initiatives, business creation and educational projects for young people. To support the creation of businesses and to help people re-enter the workforce, the Group is supported by three partners: Adie (see asterisk)

(asterisk) Adie: Association pour le droit à l’initiative économique (Association for the right to economic initiative).
, which helps those excluded from the banking system to create their own business; France Active, a microfinance and social-solidarity organisation; and Impact Partenaires, a management company with a social purpose.

Adie has supported the creation of 6,243 businesses and 8,000 jobs thanks to the Group’s actions and support of more than €7.72 million since 2006. France Active has supported entrepreneurs under 26 by offering them a start-up premium of €2,000 and specific support (CAP’ Jeunes system), while managing 41 funds dedicated to the social and solidarity economy. Finally, Impact Partenaires has invested in businesses that create jobs in disadvantaged urban areas. To support outreach projects, 300 neighbourhood associations have received support since 2006, including 107 in 2014. These associations play an important role in local neighbourhoods and have helped improve the lives of disadvantaged people via education, professional training and helping residents to live harmoniously together. Finally, the BNP Paribas Foundation promotes equal opportunities in education by supporting players such as Afev (see 2 asterisks)

(2 asterisks) Afev: Association de la Fondation étudiante pour la ville (Students for the Town Foundation Association).
and by helping to fund educational school trips through the “Odyssée Jeunes” programme.

Photo : France - Afev is the leading student network that provides tutoring in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.