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Commitment 7 : Microfinance and support for social entrepreneurship

In 2014 the Group launched numerous initiatives to direct more resources to microcredit and to adapt to the specific features of social entrepreneurship. It encouraged teams to build new partnerships, work more closely with the many players in the ecosystem, and mobilise its network and know-how to collect more savings for social projects.



The Group’s support for microfinance and social entrepreneurship (SE), excluding loans to SE, has grown significantly. It increased more than 35% compared to 2013 to reach 227 million euros by the end of 2014. Growth occurred both in mature markets (Western Europe, North America) and emerging markets (South America, South-East Asia and Africa). In addition to loans to microfinance institutions (MFIs), all other types of support (equity investments, employee savings, outsourcing to social enterprises) also grew throughout the year.BNP Paribas has already achieved its 2016 target of 220 million euros and will continue its programme, enabling microfinance institutions and social enterprises to develop and further increase their impact on vulnerable populations.

Social entrepreneurship : 51 million euros

Microfinance : 176 million euros

Distribution of support for microfinance and social entrepreneurship (excluding loans) per continent

EUROPE 152 million euros
AMERICAS 9 million euros
ASIA 43 million euros
AFRICA 23 million euros

The Group’s strategy is to work in favour of microfinance and social entrepreneurship in countries where it has operations, using its local subsidiaries to support those involved and help them benefit from as many services as possible. The Group performs this work in France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.