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Commitment 6 : Responsible employment management

In 2014 the Group worked notably on fairness and transparency in the areas of compensation, employee health, and the employment of young people and seniors. The Group’s management of human resources is thus wide-ranging and comprehensive. It has also been recognised via numerous awards.

Photo : France - Equity and transparency are two pillars of compensation, communicated by the business lines to their employees.



In order to deal with the Ebola epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly in Guinea, all employees were given a health kit as part of an awareness and support campaign. At the same time, a campaign raising awareness of AIDS and diabetes was conducted among all employees in our African subsidiaries, in addition to annual medical visits.Furthermore, as part of the “Combating chronic diseases in Africa” campaign, led by the “Entreprises & Santé” association, International Retail Banking’s e-F@ctory created and ran 21 online training modules on HIV, malaria and diabetes. These were aimed at all BNP Paribas employees, as well as employees from the African subsidiaries of the businesses belonging to the association.



In 2014 the Group’s business lines increased their communication on compensation and benefits. This was aimed at providing information about existing systems, recalling actions undertaken in terms of fairness, and harmonising employee insurance and profit-sharing schemes. For example, French Retail Banking released an educational film on its intranet about the four pillars of compensation.

Leasing Solutions communicated to staff the results of compensation surveys conducted in its major markets and the measures taken to counter discrepancies. It used filmed interviews to convey its findings to staff. BNP Paribas Real Estate posted a document online entitled “Recognition and Compensation”. It enabled employees in ten main countries to understand the components of their compensation and their benefits.

Photo : Africa – The bank carries out a number of initiatives to address the challenge of chronic diseases such as diabetes.