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Commitment 4 : Recruitment, mobility and training

In order to uphold its commitment to recruitment and keep its employer value proposition, which was reviewed in 2014, BNP Paribas continues to innovate in the areas of recruitment, training and mobility. It was the first bank to launch a “job truck” and in-house “Mooc”, and the Group again exceeded its recruitment target, with 17,432 new hires. It also made progress in the dissemination of a digital culture thanks to new e-learning training programmes.


Logo : BNP Paribas - Mooc.

BNP Paribas is the first French bank to design in-house a Mooc (Massive Open Online Course). The course looked at SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area). Some 1,600 participants (around a third of whom were employees), took the course, which was aimed at customers and employees, but which was also made available to the public and at no cost. Moocs involve and motivate employees thanks to the use of video and virtual classrooms. They fit very naturally with the digital culture that is disseminated throughout this kind of training programme.

BNL has reoriented its training programmes towards Moocs and International Retail Banking had experimented with the approach prior to its deployment in 2015. The training courses allow business lines to gain the digital skills that best meet their needs, and allow teams to acquire the knowledge needed to integrate digital innovations into their business lines and organisations. In 2014, this focus on e-learning meant that 112,895 employees undertook a training programme, with 765,015 modules completed, compared with 84,729 and 441,237 respectively in 2013.

Photo : France - BNP Paribas designed a Mooc to train customers and employees.

17,432 NEW EMPLOYEES hired on permanent contracts throughout the world in 2014, of which 2,265 in France. For the third year running, the Group easily exceeded its commitment made in 2012 to hire more than 15,000 employees each year. These hires were made after the publication of vacancies internally; the Group prioritises internal job mobility to expand the employability of its workforce.