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The BNP Paribas responsibility charter


The BNP Paribas Group is the product of successive mergers of banks which first began to make their mark on European economic history back in the nineteenth century and are deeply rooted in their respective countries and regions. Nurtured over a long period of time, the trust that clients place in us is our most precious asset. We lead and steer the Group in accordance with the commitments that are essential to deserve that trust and in order to act as a responsible bank.


Remaining true to our primary mission: long-term service to our clients

BNP Paribas’ primary vocation is to serve our clients by creating long-term relationships and helping them to fulfil their plans and projects. On the one hand, we help individuals to manage their finances and savings on a day-to-day basis; and on the other, we are the banking partner of choice for companies of all sizes and for institutional clients. Our business model is that of an integrated universal bank, because this model best meets the multiple needs of our clients around the world. BNP Paribas operates in two main business areas, with staff working together across these areas on a daily basis.

Retail Banking & Services, whose task is basically to channel all customer deposits into lending activities, consists of two main divisions: Domestic Markets covers retail banking activities in the euro zone. These are made up of local multichannel networks – branches, business centres, private banking centres and digital banking – and specialised financial services, including online brokerage and investment, plus office and equipment leasing and rental services designed to support trade and industry both in France and abroad. International Financial Services covers retail banking outside the euro zone. They include banking services for individual customers and companies, private banking and digital banking, plus complementary business lines providing innovative products and services in the fields of consumer credit, insurance, asset management, wealth management and real estate, both for their own clients and those of other Group businesses.

Corporate & Institutional Banking, helps to finance the real economy by providing a range of services and solutions to corporate and institutional clients. The CIB approach is to forge long-term partnerships with its clients, supporting their business development needs all over the world through both bank financing and the capital markets, and through risk management and advisory services. CIB also offers cash management services, based on industrialised, cross-business platforms, plus securities services via BNP Paribas Securities Services. BNP Paribas is also ‘the bank for a changing world’. In all our activities, we aim to drive and anticipate innovation, and we are committed to helping and supporting our clients as they face change. For individual customers, this includes online and mobile banking, together with new payment solutions. For companies, our ‘One Bank for Corporates’ network is designed to support the globalisation of their businesses. And for those wishing to set up their own business, we are there to help them bring their plans to fruition.

In order to carry out these various missions in a context of sharply increasing regulatory requirements, BNP Paribas more than doubled its capital base between 2008 and 2014 and further strengthened its liquidity position. The Group also retains and reinvests a large part of its profits each year so as to continue strengthening its financial position and meet customer demand for credit, while also delivering good returns to the shareholders who place their confidence in the bank.

Being prepared to take risks, while ensuring close risk control

Financing the economy, supporting projects, helping clients to manage their currency or interest-rate exposure – all this means accepting a degree of risk. One of BNP Paribas’ great strengths is precisely this expertise in managing risk. The Group sees rigorous risk control as part of its responsibility, both to clients and to the financial system as a whole. The bank’s decisions on the commitments it makes are reached after a rigorous and concerted process, based on a strong, shared risk culture which pervades all levels of the Group. This is true both for risks linked to lending activities, where loans are granted only after in-depth analysis of the borrower’s situation and the project to be financed; and for market risks arising from transactions with clients – these are assessed on a daily basis, tested against stress scenarios, and subject to limits. As a strongly diversified Group, both in terms of geography and businesses, BNP Paribas is able to balance risks and their consequences as they materialise. The Group is organised and managed in such a way that any difficulties arising in one business area will not jeopardise another.