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Commitment 1 : Long-term financing for the economy

In 2014 BNP Paribas redoubled its efforts to support start-ups, SMEs looking to export, individual customers, those active in international trade as well as the subsidiaries of large groups, thereby stimulating innovation and growth.

Photo : Africa - The Group’s subsidiaries in Mali, Senegal and Guinea actively support local SMEs.



BNP Paribas’ subsidiaries in Africa have once again actively contributed to local economic development. In Senegal and Guinea, BNP Paribas subsidiaries (BICIS and BICIGUI respectively) have signed partnership agreements with the French Development Agency and the International Finance Corporation (member of the World Bank group). These agreements enable small businesses to access loans at very competitive rates.Under these agreements, 163 Senegalese SMEs have been awarded loans totalling CFA Franc 4.6 billion, while Guinean businesses will benefit from 6 million euros in loans. Businesses in the agriculture/food production and infrastructure sectors will be treated as priorities.

In Mali, BNP Paribas subsidiary (BICIM) signeda partnership agreement with the U.S. (USAID) and Swedish (SIDA) development agencies to support female entrepreneurship and the agricultural sector.

10,000 THE NUMBER OF SUBSIDIARIES OF THE GROUP’S LARGE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE CLIENTS which have benefited from “One Bank for Corporates in Europe and Beyond”, an initiative launched in 2010 and which offers a single point of access to all of the Group’s services across Europe.

Photo : World - BNP Paribas’ internet site devoted to corporate clients.